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HLTA Sowenna (#HLTA Sowenna)

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HLTA Sowenna (#HLTA Sowenna)

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HLTA Sowenna (#HLTA Sowenna)

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HLTA Sowenna

Reference #: HLTA Sowenna
Location: Bodmin
Salary: £19117 21164 - £
Sector: HLTA
Type: Fixed Term
Posted On: 09/02/2019
Start Date: 23/04/2019
Expiry Date: 24/02/2019

Role Profile

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

52 weeks


Main purpose of Job

To complement the professional work of teachers by taking responsibility for agreed learning activities under an agreed system of supervision. This may involve planning, preparing and delivering learning activities for individuals or groups and monitoring pupils and assessing, recordingreporting ong  on pupil’s achievement, progress and development.


Key Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Teacher, Executive Principal or Lead ensure that support is provided to pupils through a carefully structured learning environment.  This may include:

    • Liaising with the Teacher about the planning and implementation of both group and individual programmes including producing lesson plans, worksheets, plans etc.
    • Delivering learning activities to pupils within agreed system of supervision, adjusting activities according to pupil responses/needs
    • Delivering local and national learning strategies e.g. literacy, numeracy etc and making effective use of opportunities provided by other learning activities to support the development of pupils’ skills


  • Delivering out of school learning activities after school hours and in holiday periods within guidelines


  • Assessing the needs of pupils and using detailed knowledge and specialist skills to support pupil’s learning
  • Liaising sensitively and effectively with parents and carers with regards to their role in pupil’s learning and respecting confidentiality
  • Planning, delivering and monitoring specific aspects of the curriculum as defined by the Principal
  • Using knowledge of age related expectations of pupils, the main teaching methods and assessment framework in the relevant subjects
  • Establishing productive working relationships with pupils;
  • Promoting the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils within the classroom
  • Supporting pupils consistently whilst recognising and responding to their individual needs, encouraging interaction and cooperative work with others.
  • Encouraging pupils to interact positively and work cooperatively with others and engaging  all pupils in activities
  • Promoting independence and employing strategies to recognise and reward achievement of self-reliance
  • Providing feedback to pupils in relation to progress, achievement and problems
  • Undertaking activities with individuals, groups or whole classes to ensure their safety and facilitating their physical, emotional, social and educational development
  • Providing feedback to pupils in relation to progress and achievement.
  • Attending to pupils’ personal needs and providing advice to assist in their social, health and hygiene development
  • Organising and managing appropriate learning environments and resources
  • Recording progress and achievement in lessons/activities systematically and providing evidence of range and level of progress and attainment
  • Supporting the role of parents/carers in pupils’ learning and contributing to/leading meetings with parents/carers to provide constructive feedback on pupil progress/achievement etc.
  • Administering and assessing routine tests and invigilating exams/tests
  • Establishing constructive relationships and communicating with other agencies/professionals, in liaison with the teacher, to support achievement and progress of pupils
  • Monitoring and evaluating pupils’ responses to learning activities through a range of assessment and monitoring strategies against pre-determined learning objectives
  • Provide support and leadership to children on educational visits;
  • Act as a confidante to the pupils whilst being aware of and following current safeguarding/child protection guidelines;
  • To maintain confidentiality of information acquired in the course of undertaking duties for the Academy;
  • The post holder is responsible for his/her own self-development on a continuous basis.
  • Undertaking recruitment/induction/appraisal/training/mentoring of other teaching assistants


Note: It is expected that duties will be undertaken within contracted hours unless by agreement


Professional competencies

  • Display personal and interpersonal development and team-working skills;
  • Pro-actively plan, organise and manage workload including teaching well-structured lessons
  • Display reflective practice and reflexivity;
  • Display knowledge of safeguarding procedures;
  • Make use of data and assessment  
  • Contribute to the overall ethos/work/aims of the Academy
  • Display knowledge and understanding of appropriate use of ICT in an education setting;
  • Displays integrity and honesty in relationships with all stakeholders;
  • Display regular evidence of initiative taking;
  • Display robust self-management skills with regard to problem solving.
  • Fulfill wider professional responsibilities
  • Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment
  • Adapt support to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils
  • Demonstrate appropriate subject knowledge
  • Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils
  • Set high expectations which motivate students


To be aware of and adhere to applicable rules, regulations, legislation and procedures including the Academy’s Equal Opportunities Policy and Code of Conduct, national legislation (including Health and Safety, Data Protection);


The above outlines the main duties and responsibilities of the post but may not identify each individual task to be undertaken.  You will be required to carry out any other duties reasonably requested by the Principal or other senior members of staff.


This job description does not form part of the contract of employment.  It describes the way in which the post holder is expected and required to perform and complete the particular duties as set out above and will be reviewed on an annual basis (or as need arises) and following consultation with you, may be changed to reflect changes in the job requirements


Person Specification

Teaching Assistant





Relevant Experience


  • Substantial experience in main stream/special school


    • Display Personal and Interpersonal development and team-working skills;
    • Evidence of an ability to  develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders built on honesty and integrity;
    • Pro-actively plan, organize and manage workload;
    • Display reflective practice and reflexivity;
    • Display regular evidence of initiative taking;
    • Display robust self-management skills with regard to problem solving;
    • Experience of successfully working with children with  SEBD;
    • Proven record of behaviour management;
    • Experience of working with disaffected children either in a special or main-stream setting;


  • Knowledge and understanding of children with medical difficulties.
  • Experience in Medical Education setting
  • Undertake analysis and synthesis of complex information;
  • Undertake analysis and synthesis of complex information


Education & Training


  • 5 GCSE to include English  and Maths or equivalent
  • Further qualification relevant to post


Special Knowledge & Skills

  • Proven ability to successfully assist in  a range of subjects;
  • Robust self-management skills;


Additional Factors

    • Regular access to a car;
    • Current driving licence;
    • Motor insurance certificate with Business use.


  • Can work as a part of a team.