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What is Opus Recruit?

Opus-Recruit is Opus-ABC’s sister company. We offer an innovative way to recruit staff for your school.

Why choose Opus-Recruit?

Opus-Recruit is a completely free of charge service.

Opus-Recruit will save you and your colleagues a significant amount of your time

Opus-Recruit will increase the quality and the volume of candidates applying for the important roles within your school

Opus-Recruit uses radio, local press, job boards, social media and many other platforms to advertise your vacancy

We will even create a portal in which your jobs are advertised that links from your own vacancies page, this will allow us to do all the hard work for you, take a look at this example page

Opus-Recruit can assist with whole school recruitment from Headteachers to Support Staff to administrators

Opus-Recruit uses a marketing specialist to create adverts that will really stand out from the crowd and reach out to the types of candidates you want to attract

Opus recruit will advertise for you locally, nationally and internationally

Opus-Recruit’s “Safer Recruitment” trained consultants will actively work your vacancy, searching out the very best candidates from our own databases and national CV sites.

How does Opus-Recruit work?

Our team of highly trained staff will help advertise
your vacancies and ensure the very best candidates are put forward for your consideration at interview

Opus-Recruit provides you with your staff member
for the first 16 weeks of their tenure, if during this time at any point the candidate is not perfect for their role you can cancel the arrangement with no charge and we can restart the process for you

There are various levels of recruitment support which are illustrated on the flow diagram provided

If after 16 weeks you are happy with your candidate, you can sign them onto your employment contract from us free of charge


Client contacts Opus-Recruit with an outline of the candidate they require. This should include a start date, salary band and job description.


Opus-Recruit will create a job advert for the client This will appear on the Opus-Recruit portal which is connected to client’s vacancies tab on their website (optional).


Candidates will complete job application process with Opus-Recruit, all direct enquiries should be re-directed to Opus-Recruit.


Opus-Recruit will create a shortlist of candidates for the client which will be sent forward for consideration. Successful candidates will be invited for interview via Opus-Recruit.


Client informs Opus-Recruit of successful candidates Opus-Recruit contacts both successful and unsuccessful candidates on behalf of the client.


Successful candidate is fully vetted by Opus-Recruit and is an employee of Opus-Recruit for the first 16 weeks of their tenure—copies of vetting documents are available to client.


Client will be given a change-over date from which the candidate will become an employee of the client Client can cancel agreement at any time up until this date.


If the candidate has worked for the client through another recruitment company within 8 weeks of the start date please contact Opus-Recruit for guidance.


Opus-Recruit take care of all on-costs and vetting/safeguarding, including L2 Safeguarding CPD prior to commencement of employment.

Financial Data

Position Pay Scale Weekly cost via PAYE Weekly cost via Opus Weekly saving Equiv. annual saving
Teacher M2 £801.57 £745 £56.57 £2206.30
Teacher M4 £937.91 £745 £192.91 £7523.70
Teacher M6 £1106.16 £745 £361.16 £14085.43
Teacher U2 £1221.16 £745 £476.16 £18570.34
TA Average * £428.91 £375 £53.91 £2102.80

* Average based on data from TES study 2017

Opus-Recruit figures include all on-costs without exception.

PAYE figures do not include the costs of: Sick pay, Maternity/paternity pay, HR costs, Payroll costs, Employment disputes, Redundancy, CPD - we provide this free of charge to our staff through Opus-Training

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